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Get The Best SMS Marketing Services With Itios Tech Solutions

SMS marketing has more to do with the timing and the message it has to convey.

It is very simple to employ SMS marketing!

However, be clear, concise and crafty with the message and timing when the SMS is to be delivered.

Whether you are Fintech, Retail, hospitality, Real estate, Health care, enterprise, digital start up or NGO,

You can employ SMS marketing for

  • Time sensitive offers
  • Transaction confirmation
  • Program updates
  • Subscription alerts

With mobile phones constantly being utilised for their multi-functional abilities, thanks to AI and Machine learning, SMS can also be counted as part of the marketing funnel that will help you drive traffic in engineered way.

SMS Marketing Best Practice 101

Make sure people in your contact list has opted in for the SMS notifications.

Often, customers block those spammy messages and register complaints which can look bad on your part with almost everything being digital. Plus, SMS still has far by the most efficient rate of being well received. Make most of this tool by being smart and careful with your contact list.

Be Mindful of Timing!

If you are targeting your contact list that is overseas, you might want to take rain check with time difference. Wrong timing can lead us into inbox for sure but it will only induce the feeling of annoyance of being received at odd hours, like SMS alert during sleep hours.

Company’s Name: This Is a Must For SMS Marketing

Bulk messaging with a short cipher, often neglects the company who is ending it out. So do include company name. Let your customers feel the familiarity instead of feeling suspicious of sudden sms alert.

Personalise It, Tailor It For Their Need.

It could a simple thing like curating the text to a particular tone or inclusive of their name, etc. SMS that directly addresses them garners more attention.

Can SMS Marketing Work for Your Business?

Only one to find out – give it a go on your audience! Here at Itios Tech as an SMS Marketing compnay in Nagpur assist you with end to end text message marketing.

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